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A collection containing the main titles form feature files across the centuries. Choose a decade and view movie stills from hundreds of films. It consists of hundreds of screen shots from movies.

British Pathé

British PatheNewsreels
Releasing 3 newsreels a week during that period, British Pathé was the way the people of Britain experienced world events until the advent of television. Every one of those thousands of newsreels are now here and available for you to view.

British Pathé was also world famous for its documentary production. Covering subjects from world events to the state of British culture, the British Pathé Documentary Archive is an invaluable window into the past.

British Pathé also produced Cinemagazines. These were long-running series which were generally more entertaining in nature. Pathé Eve, for example, was a series dedicated to the female demographic and represents what is basically the first ever moving-image fashion programme. It also covered other topics relevant to the modern woman. There were also Pathé Pictorials, Pathé Gazettes and many others.

BFI Screen Online
Link to BFI Screen OnlineThere are numerous clips of the best British films. It is an excellent guide to Britain’s film and TV history. There are sections for Education, History, Film and Television. There are also tours around the resources as well.

The user can search by country e.g. Scotland