Scottish Film websites

Scottish Screen Archive

Scottish screen archiveThe Scottish Screen Archive is a film and video collection of over 100 years of Scotland’s history.

The archive reflects:

  • 20th-century Scottish social, cultural and industrial history
  • The lives of ordinary Scots across the generations
  • The achievements of Scottish film-makers in the craft of film production.

The archive houses more than 32,000 items, mostly non-fiction, including:

  • Documentaries
  • Newsreels
  • Educational material
  • Television and public information films
  • Industrial material
  • Advertising and promotional material.

Scotland’s Cinemas and Theatres Project
Scottish Cinema and Theatre Project“This website is dedicated to recording and archiving our historic cinema architectural heritage, and to act as a information resource for people interested in that often overlooked part of our social history. The website is also home to the Scottish Cinemas Database, an online resource of all of Scotland’s cinema buildings, from 1902 to the present day. This is fully searchable and constantly updated as new information becomes available. It currently contains information on over 1,100 cinemas.”

Children’s story
childrens story film Scottish Screen OnlineThe history of Scottish education.
One of a group of seven documentaries made for the 1938 Empire Exhibition, under the supervision of John Grierson.
Date: 1938
Director: d. Alexander Shaw
Sponsor: Films of Scotland

Scotland on Film – Video and Audio Clips  BBC Archive site

Scotland on film Film and Radio Clips

Click on the image to the left. Once on the site select the audio or video clips from a given area by clicking on that part of the map.


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