Scottish WW1 and WW2 links

General WW1 and WW2 pages here>>>>

Moray WW1 and WW2 useful links>>

National Museum of Scotland First World War CentenaryNational Museums of Scotland First World War Centenary Programme
The Centenary programme of Events and Exhibitions listed include Commonwealth Scots and the Great War Event telling the story of how thousands of Scots and those of Scottish descent joined up.

Aberdeen University Roll Of Honour for the First and Second World War
Aberdeen University roll of honour

Scottish WW1 Commorative Events (2014-2019)
The Scottish Government has a Scottish Commemorations Panel which has drawn up a list of the events which it will commemorate in Scotland with regard to the First World War.

RCAHMS WW1 resourcesRoyal Commission on Ancient and Historic Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) website has updated its database on buildings and structures established as part of the nations’ defence in World War One as the result of an extensive audit. The records feature modern and historic photographs along with extensive new information on hospitals, prisoner of war camps, air stations, anti-aircraft defence, firing ranges, barracks, naval yards etc…

Home front heritage revealed in new study of WWI Scotland
Browse hundreds of records of sites and structures established for the defence of Scotland during the First World War.

RCAHMS screen shotN:B If searching for World War One buildings on the Canmore site above use the keywords First World War or World War One rather than WW1, World War 1 etc…. The first two keyword searches can bring up different results so it worth doing both. Thousands of places are listed RCAHMS screen shot 2so to narrow down the search after the results come through just click on County at the top of its column and the results will be sorted by alphabetically by County. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Show all.

 RCAHMS Built Heritage Report gives location specific in formation in Scotland.

Scottish Archives for Schools- Resources section

Scottish Archives for SchoolsThe Great War in Scotland

This unit features a selection of archives from the National Records of Scotland on the impact of the Great War in Scotland. It includes letters from the battle front, reports on local bombing raids and submarine attacks, and demonstrates the impact of the war on people’s everyday lives.

Scotland People's extensive Military Useful links listScotlands People 
There is a long list of Military links on the Scotlands Places website.

Although not specific to WW1 much of the information will be relevant for those searching that particular period.
It includes:-
Merchant Seamen – First World War Campaign Medals
Campaign medals awarded to First World War merchant seamen (The National Archives).
British Army in World War One
The long, long trail (British Army in World War One).
 Link to the Scotlands People website
This website is also one of the largest online sources of original genealogical information. If you are researching UK genealogy, your Scottish ancestry or building your Scottish family tree, they have almost 90 million records to look through.

From Scottish census records, Scottish wills, birth certificates and death certificates, they have a comprehensive choice of Scottish records to bring your Scotland ancestry to life. Build the complete picture of your Scottish ancestry with ScotlandsPeople.
Census 1841 – 1911 (the 1911 census is only available online). 

Scots at War Website
The Scots at War web site is designed to help you find information on the subject of Scots at War. The site has been redesigned and relaunched in digest format with useful and fascinating information. New entries are added each month. The Scots at War web site is designed to help you find information on the subject of Scots at War. The site has been redesigned and relaunched in digest format with useful and fascinating information. New entries are added each month.
Scots at War Radio section on the website has five radio programmes to listen to
with special thanks to 

Scottish National War Memorial 
Search the Scottish Roll of Honour for the First and Second World Wars as held at the Scottish War Memorial.

Scottish War memorials project- Burghead memorialScottish Military Research GroupA useful source when trying to find someone in the Morayshire Roll of Honour book by sorting by Memorial and then giving the page number in the book.

Aberdeen University WW1 roll of honour online recordsAberdeen University Special Libraries and Archives

At the close of the first World War The University of Aberdeen decided to create a permanent record of the part played by the members of the University in the Great War (as it was known just after WW1). Four provisional rolls were created during the war and this formed the basis for the book. Listed are those who gave their lives in the Great War, and those who did war service of national Importance. The Roll of Service in the Great War (1921)was published by Aberdeen University (Dewey number 940.967 @ Elgin Library). Example- Two members of the Burghead War Memorial attended the University and are commemorated in the book.

Lt Donald Jenkins MC (his brother -survived the war and awarded the MC and Bar) 
Lt James Temple Jenkins

There are rolls of honour at many other universities e.g Glasgow


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