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Hidden Histories- Centre for Community Engagement, University of Sussex
Hidden Histories-the village of Plumpton“This EU project has used a community and life history approach to work with socially excluded people to explore and capture their ‘hidden histories’ and to provide the opportunity, through exhibitions and websites, to share their stories with the wider communities of Europe. People are excluded or ‘hidden’ for a number of different reasons including their geographic isolation, their language, and their cultural experiences.”
The ‘hidden’ community linked to here is the village of Plumpton near to the University.

Football Memories Site
football memories websiteWhat’s your favourite football memory? The one moment that makes the hairs on your neck stand on end when you think back on it? Football has the ability to change lives and re-connect people. The aim is to collate a database of supporters’ stories online, and eventually in a book.

Think of all the bookmarks in the story of your life as a football fan. Flick through them all, pick your favourite … then tell us all about it.

BBC Memory Share

BBC Memoryshare Website

Memory Share

A place to share and explore memories
Click here to hear the Scottish memories on the site. To choose a memory click on a date in the swirl at the top of the page.

BBC People’s War Website
BBC World War Two People's ArchiveThe BBC asked the public to contribute their memories of World War Two to a website between June 2003 and January 2006. This archive of 47,000 stories and 15,000 images is the result.