Spynie Loch – useful links

It has been created as a result of interest being shown by people in the history of the loch. They wanted to know how they can access maps of the Spynie area showing its original layout and how it was drained during the 18th and 19th century.

Loch Spynie and Adjacent Grounds Map link

Plan of Loch spynie and adjacent grounds on the Scotland Places' websiteScotland’s Places website has a wonderful map showing the land where Loch Spynie was north of Elgin. The map was drawn up for the Court of Sessions in 1783 as part a dispute between Sir William Gordon of Gordonstoun and the Branders of Kinneddar (Alex Brander) and Pitgaveny Estate (John Brander). 

Leuchars House
his map also shows the Mill of Leuchars around where the main Leuchars house is now. The mill run is shown running south from the Loch of Coates and over the Lands of Leuchars. There is also an old channel shown linking the River Lossie to the Loch of Coates which ran across the Leuchars land. An 1870-1 map of the area shows where Leuchars House is. It is in the left third of the map about halfway up. Related memory about working at Leuchars house as a table maid >>>>

Maps of Drainie & Spynie 1868-1870
Scotland’s Places has copies of a whole range of Ordnance Survey Maps of the Drainie area north of Elgin from 1870 including Drainie, Kinneddar, Balmorie, Paddockdale etc…
There is also a series of Ordnance Survey Maps of the Spynie area from 1868 -1870.

Spynie Canal was built with the help of Thomas Telford. Its purpose was to drain the Loch.

More information about Loch Spynie from a Gazetteer

Duffus website- http://www.duffus.com/lands_duffus_1783.htm    This is a map from 1783 but in black and white and showing the Loch.

Libindx databaseLidindx also has a whole range of information including maps, drainage plans, erection of dykes etc… These records are stored at Elgin Heritage Centre at East End School Annexe and the 1783 map is at Forres Museum.

National Library for Scotland Map ImagesNational Library for Scotland Geo-Referenced Map Images

http://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/   Zoom in Spynie area and go back through a series of maps (the list on the left side of the screen)

Records for Burghead including maps of fishing grounds etc.

Old Roads of Scotland- Statistical Accounts of Scotland

Old Roads of Scotland Statisitics for ElginshireThe Old and New Statistical Accounts of Scotland, written respectively in the 1790’s and 1830’s, give a description of each parish in the country. These accounts contain many details of roads and transport that would otherwise have been lost. In this section, details are given for each parish with links to the original text. The main page for the site has links to other information about places in Scotland.  Here is a link to a newsletter from the site describing a walk on the Old Roads in Morayshire. Another newsletter describing Loch Spynie and Old roads in Morayshire.

There are lots of other maps on the NLS site

Maps of Scotland, 1560-1928
Military Maps (18th century)
Coasts of Scotland on marine charts, 1580-1850

Link to the Scotlands Places websiteScotlands Places Archive website

ScotlandsPlaces is a website that allows users to search across different national databases using geographic locations. The user is able to enter a place name or a coordinate to search across these collections or they can use the mapping in the website to both define and refine their search. The results pages provide the data relevant to the search conducted, from each of the project partners. These partners currently include:

The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS)
The National Records of Scotland (NRS)
The National Library of Scotland (NLS)
with support from School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish Government.


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