Elgin area of Moray

nls map referencesLocal Maps of the area
http://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/   Either choose Find by place which allows the user to select specific maps individually e.g. This 1938 (published 1946) map of Elgin shows all the detail of Bishopmill, the old town centre roads before the bypass, the gas works etc… http://maps.nls.uk/view/75529911

or Explore Georeferenced Maps
Zoom in to the place and go back through a series of maps (the list on the left side of the screen). This method allows the user to move from one map area to another as well as change the map range to go back or forward in the date of the map.

Statistical Account screenshotStatistical account of ScotlandVolume V includes fascinating details about the history of Elgin.

New Statistical Account
The History of the Local Area is written about in detail in the New Statistical Account of Scotland.
Example- Bishopmill, Elgin
Search by putting Bishopmill in the left hand search box or go to page 98 onwards in the Elgin section of the book.
Bishopmill Google booksMoray Poor House, Bishopmill

http://www.workhouses.org.uk/Morayshire/  The Map of the Moray Poor House on this web page also shows the location of the local primary school on Balmoral Terrace and the farm fields around Bishopmill around 1905. To look at other old maps of the area go to the Useful Links/Scottish Maps page on this website and follow the NLS link.

List of Moray Combination Poorhouse residents in 1881


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