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World War One: A Misrepresented War?
World War One: Misrepresentation of a Conflict
Does the traditional tale of ‘stupid generals, pointless attacks and universal death’ give a fair picture of the war? By Dr Dan Todman.
..The Descent into War
The Origins of World War One
Was the Great War a triumph of democracy over imperial expansion or an exercise in military futility? By Dr Gary Sheffield.
.•A New Enemy by Dan Cruickshank
•Cousins at War by Theo Aronson
.Campaigns and Battles of World War One
From Disaster to Victory: The British Army from 1916-1918
It was on the killing fields of the Somme that the British army learned how to deliver the victory it achieved in 1918. By Dr Dan Todman.
.•Animated Map: The Western Front, 1914 – 1918
•The Western Front and the Birth of Total War by Dr Stephen Badsey
•Tank: Life and Times of a ‘Wonder Weapon’ by Patrick Wright
•The First Shot: 22 August 1914 by Richard van Emden
•Daily Mirror Headlines: The Declaration of War, Published 4 August 1914
•Battle of the Marne: 6-10 September 1914
•Battle of Tannenberg: 26-30 August 1914
•Daily Mirror Headlines: The Battle of Ypres, Published 24 April 1915
•Battle for Gallipoli: February 1915 – January 1916
•Battle of Verdun: 21 February 1916 – July 1916
•Animated Map: Battle of the Somme
•Weapons of War: Mark 1 Tank
•Battle of the Somme: 1 July – 13 November 1916
•Daily Mirror Headlines: The Battle of the Somme, Published 31 July 1916
•Daily Mirror Headlines: ‘Tank’ Rams and Takes a Factory, Published 18 September 1916
•Battle of Passchendaele: 31 July – 6 November 1917
•Daily Mirror Headlines: The Hindenburg Line, Published 22 November 1917
•The First Battle of the Atlantic by Dr Gary Sheffield
•The War at Sea: 1914 – 1918 by Dr Eric Grove
•Daily Mirror Headlines: The Battle of Jutland, Published 3 June 1916
.World War: International Perspectives
The German Front Experience
How did the German experience of trench warfare differ from that of the Allies? By Professor Martin Kitchen.
.•War and Revolution in Russia 1914 – 1921 by Dr Jonathan Smele
•Australia in World War One by Dr Peter Stanley
•India and the Western Front by Dr David Omissi
•Ireland and World War One by Professor Keith Jeffery
•Charlie’s War: The Diary and Letters of a Canadian Corporal by Alex Francis
•A White Man’s War? World War One and the West Indies by Glenford D Howe
•The Middle East during World War One by Professor David R Woodward
.The Human Experience of War
World War One Movies
What was life – and death – like in the trenches? Six animated insights into the soldier’s lot on the Western Front.
.•The Human Face of War – Nine very different experiences of World War One
•The Last Tommy Gallery – Britain’s oldest soldiers remember the Great War
•Wilfred Owen Audio Gallery – Poems and letters of the war poet, by Dominic Hibberd
•Soldiers’ Stories Audio Gallery – Listen to extracts from soldiers’ letters and diaries
•War Diaries – Read the diary of the 92nd Infantry Brigade for a fascinating insight into World War One
•Thiepval War Memorial Virtual Tour
.The Trenches: Virtual Tours
World War One Trench Virtual Tour
See how a World War One trench network was laid out in this reconstruction.
.•Life in The Trenches Virtual Tour
•Dogfight Over the Trenches Virtual Tour
•Front Line Trench Virtual Tour
•Dug-out Entrance Vitual Tour
•Dug-out Interior Virtual Tour
.Debates and Controversies of World War One
The Western Front: Lions Led by Donkeys?
The representation of British generals as incompetent buffoons is a misleading caricature. By Dr Gary Sheffield.
.•World War One: Misrepresentation of a Conflict by Dr Dan Todman
•Shell Shock during World War One by Professor Joanna Bourke
•Shot at Dawn: Cowards, Traitors or Victims? by Peter Taylor-Whiffen
•Pals Battalions by Bruce Robinson
.Peace: Versailles and the League of Nations
Versailles and Peacemaking
How the question of whether to rehabilitate or punish Germany divided the Allies at the end of World War One. By Dr Ruth Henig.
.•The Ending of World War One, and the Legacy of Peace by Martin Kitchen
•Daily Mirror Headlines: Armistice, Published 12 November 1918
•Yugoslavia: 1918 – 2003 by Tim Judah
•The League of Nations and the United Nations by Charles Townshend


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