Frances Cruickshank’s first job in Cairnie

Boghead house near Cairnie which was an old shop and sub-post-office

Boghead house near Cairnie which was an old shop and sub-post-office

Frances Cruickshank worked as a shop assistant in the licensed grocer’s in Boghead House, Cairnie between Keith and Huntley. She started work when she was 15 and a half in 1956. She also worked in a post office cycling around farms delivering telegrams. She had to wait for replies to wedding invitations and deaths. When other people gave birth to a child she was very happy. Shops sold fruit, veg and bread was delivered to them in a basket but not wrapped. She had to slice the bacon, cut the cheese into pieces. There was cheddar and Crowdie.  She had to cut butter and put it in tubs. The sugar and flour was measured out then put into brown paperbags, which were sealed by folding over the top. Had to weigh out the oatmeal on old weighing scales. There was petrol pumps outside in the form of a hand pump.  There were very few cars usually owned by wealthy people. There were no other shops in the village. The butcher, baker and fish man all visited with their vans on a specific day of the week. The post lady may have brought the newspapers.  She stayed there until 1960 then her dad moved to Oldmeldrum. She helped him there and this is where she met her husband.

Memory contributed by Frances Cruickshank from Tomintoul


Mary Riddell’s sewing work during the war

Mary started work in a biscuit shop and grocery. She came up to Lossiemouth with her husband who was an engineer. Her sewing skills came in useful making things for the airmen which worked at the base.

Memory contributed by Mary Riddell, Buckpool

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