Shop Assistant for Alex Esson, Tailor and Outfitter in Buckie by Ethel Duthie

Ethel worked for Alex Esson, Tailor and Outfitter in Buckie.. There were Ladies wear- skirts, pinafore, trousers. Some were made from the grander tweed. It was lovely to see a suit being made and fitted. The patterns were cut from brown paper.

She remembers in 1956 a woman in a long striped skirt and a shawl. She was an interesting character and one of the last of the fisherwomen in the Broch. The woman smoked a clay pipe. It was unusual for the time for women to smoke. Gallery picture of a North-east fish-wife wearing a pipe and a shawl.

Memory contributed by Ethel Duthie from Portessie.

General memories from the Over 60s group in Portessie.

In 1943 The Rag and Bone Man travelled through the area during the summer months repairing old pots and pans and sharpening ropes & scissors. He also swopped clothes for a balloon.

The three boys at home were kitted out with a new jumper each for the start of the summer session.  Ian appeared home with a balloon and no new jumper. Luckily his mother caught up with the Rag and Bone man and got the new jumper back!

A milk cart delivered milk every morning from Rathven, Aberdeenshire. Willie Findlay drove the horse on its regular round through the villages. If the horse got out at night it did its round by itself and then went back to the field. People could hear it clomping through the village on its delivery route.