Glasgow Tenements

Glasgow Story website
Glasgow story website covering unemployment in 1950s– Lots of information about the History of Glasgow and the life in the tenements.
-1950s to the present – a challenging time for employment in Glasgow.

Nobody’s child You-Tube clip of the composer and singer Hank Show performing the song.

Shettleston History Project

“This site was created by members of the Shettleston History Project. From September 2005 the group has been researching the history of Shettleston and the experiences of the people who live and work there. It was decided to put together a website to showcase the work the group has done since forming. ”  Shettleston is a district in the East End of Glasgow. Here is a set of links on the Shettleston History Project to other sites related to Glasgow tenement life.

National Trust Tenement House in Glasgow
National Trust Tenement House in Glasgow“The Tenement House is an authentic 19th-century Glasgow tenement house and was the home, for over 50 years, of Miss Agnes Toward, an ordinary lady who kept all sorts of things others would have thrown away.”

On the website is a series of photographs of the inside of the flat. It


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