Teaching in the Highlands by Margaret Keenleyside

Margaret left school with Highers in English, French, Commercial, Lower History and mathematics. Her main options were Nursing and Teaching and she chose the latter. After her initial training in Edinburgh she started her first job in 1954 at Garth Primary School near Inverness.  It was a mixed class of  25 five to seven year olds in a one room annexe. They had long breaktimes and lunchtimes. The children had potato holidays, as they were called to pick the local crop each Autumn.

Class photo for Arrochar Primary School, Tarbert 1975 with Margaret Keenleyside as Class teacher
Arrochar Primary School 1975    Photo reproduced with permission © John Keenleyside

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Seonaid’s First Teaching Post

Seonaid was eldest girl in the family of four sisters and two brothers. She completed her primary school teacher training at Aberdeen College of Education. Her first teaching post was at Lossiemouth Primary school in 1950.

Fishing life
The children she taught were the sons and daughters of fisher folk. Some children lost their fathers at sea, which was very sad. They were Seine net fishermen. Here is a film from 1952 describing how the Seine trawler net works. The People who came off the boats gave you fish including her father who was a policeman in the village. The children wrote stories about being fishing.

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