My first job as a professional footballer by Syd Woodcock

Syd Woodcock's football photographsI started playing football at about the age of 10 years old (1944) with the lads on the local field and we were often chased off by the farmer. I played for the secondary modern school team in right half position and for the local team Mosley Common Boothstown Juniors and United, who won the League Cup & Challenge Cup.

When I was about 18 or 19 years old I got home one day to find the Bury Football club manager talking to my dad about me & I played for Bury Juniors Football club for a while. When I played for Wigan at about 19 years old I was paid £8 10 /- for each game. I continued playing football for Ashley & Tyldesley collieries while I was an apprentice in electrical engineering at Metro Vicks in Trafford Park, Salford where I earned £10 per week. I also played for Bournemouth reserves but it was too far to travel!

Metropolitan_Vickers_advertisementI worked in a switch gear drawing office at Metro Vicks until I was 21 years old then I did National Service for two years in the RAF where I played football for RAF Wittering. When National Service was over I returned to Metro Vicks for 10 years and continued playing football for Mosley Common. Eventually injuries prevented me from continuing with football and the rest of my working life from 1966 I worked through agencies for myself & quite often worked in Aberdeen, Edinburgh & Glasgow but that is another story!!


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