Catherine Green’s work in a Plant Research lab

Catherine Green aged 20 years old. Photo supplied by CatherineCatherine wanted originally to be a nurse, however after completing her o’levels in 1957 at the age of 16 she went to work in a Research laboratory linked to a fruit farm where her father worked as foreman. The Laboratory researched insecticides, fungicides etc..and was a subsidiary of ICI. It was located in Fernhurst, south of Hazelmere in Sussex. They lived in a tied house on the Verdley estate, The estate was divided into a fruit farm, dairy farm and market garden. The Main House was used for offices.
Her working week was from Monday to Friday and she paid £4 per week.

Catherine's house and garden in Fernhurst.  Here is "a photo of the house we lived in when I worked at Fernhurst. It was taken about 4 years ago so the garden is very different. It was part of a small extate built for people who worked for Plant Protection; mainly those who worked in the offices and labs but a few, like my father, had supervisory roles the farms."She thinks that these days the market garden is gone and the house is privately owned. There are remnants of the old garden, shrubbery and rhododendrons.  (Catherine has generously supplied a recent photograph of the house).

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