Working for Unilever as a technical advisor on animal feed by David “Mac” Morrison

<<<<<< David’s first job as a farm servant in new Pitsligo

Mac’s job at Unilever was as a technical advisor on animal feed and animal husbandry. He worked for Unilever for 14 years and moved around the UK. he learnt how to fly 2 seater planes while he was in Kirkcudbright (the plane is now in a museum in Newcastle Aviation Museum). He lived on Orkney and Shetland for 9 or 10 years. While there he built a house at Finstown. There were a series of experimental farms on Orkney which Mac looked after. Sometimes he and the family would fly from Kirkwall to Kirkcudbright to see friends. They used to visit a nice hotel in Orkney called Lynnfield Hotel in Kirkwall. They bought it and made a success of it.

His wife wasn’t too well so he returned to work in East Anglia. He got a job with another company. After he was able to retire they went out to South Africa and toured. His son went out there and is based in Cape Town. His other son is near Aberlour and he has a daughter in New Zealand.

Nowadays he uses his computer to Skype his family. He is a keen photographer with a love of music. During the 1950s he had a pilot’s licence. His daughter has one now out in New Zealand.

An interesting side story
His wife worked for a small poultry unit in Norfolk where Bernard Matthews used to buy turkey poulets to fatten for his family and friends. His wife delivered his first batch of poulets to him. He was at this time a clerk with an insurance company, Norwich Union. Slowly he took on more birds until once he got past 100 poulets he had to stop the day job and focus on poultry full-time. The rest is history………..


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