Jean’s first job as a caterer

Jean was born in her grandmother’s farmhouse in Elgin. Jean worked as a caterer in cooking and cleaning in Elgin. She worked in many hotels and restaurants like the Laichmoray, The Mansion House, and The Mansfield. Jean also worked as a butcher and a baker. She started working when she turned 16 in 1955. She chose this job because her Mum was a cook. Later in life Jean worked in knitting and needle work shops and then worked in Hays Lemonade where Tesco is now. At Hayes she put bottles in a machine ready to be filled with lemonade. When she had time off she got up to mischief. She went to the Elgin Cinema. In the summer the girls played tennis at Cooper Park. Jean’s mother worked in a big house in London away from home as a cook. Her mother’s sister was a maid. When her mother was away Jean looked after herself.

Additional information

Elgin cinema history from

Scottish Screen Archive- A cinema trailer for the Playhouse Elgin thanking patrons and wishing them a happy and victorious New Year.Christmas cinema trailer for 1944.
Title: CHRISTMAS 1944
Reference number: 1462
Date: 1944
Sound: sound    Colour: bw
Fiction: non-fiction
Running time: 1.31 mins


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