First Jobs

A small selection of memories are attached by theme to this page. Apart from looking through this selection there are a variety of ways to look at all the memories on the site. All the jobs are added as individual posts to the Home Page.

Click on this image of the Home Page to link to itGo to the Home page and scroll down through the posts as they are added to the website. At the bottom of Home page load more posts iconthere is a button to click on to load more posts. There are over 180 posts on the site so this is a systematic but quite a time-consuming way of searching the site.

categories drop down menuAnother way to search the site is looking through categories on the right hand side of the Home page.  The categories allocated to the memories are a) the decade in which people started work and b) what type of work it was.

Tag cloud for the Home page Using the Tag Cloud
The tags are keywords that describe the content in each of memories. The tags are added to over time depending on the content of the new memories.

Each tag is actually a hyperlink.  For example if you click on the tag for Edinburgh and you will then see all the memories which include or are based in Edinburgh.
Isabella‘s memory of working as a tailor in 1930s
Nan’s memory of working in a tuberculosis ward in 1940s
Ernest‘s memory of training at Heriott Watt in the 1950s and then becoming a rocket scientist
Ron‘s memory of being taken from Aberlour Orphanage to work for the BBC in 1960s

recent posts widget which shows the latest posts added to the siteFinally the website can be searched by when the memory was added. There is a list of Recent Posts. There is also a calendar. The highlighted dates are when memories were added to the site. There is also an archive list sorted by months of the year.
calendar widgetarchive widget