Workplace rules and the law

Women working during the second world war
Union history information- the workers war website

Union history website- Women workers during the second world war

The Marriage Bar

Here are some interesting articles about the Marriage bar.

There are number of memories on the site about women who had to stop work because they married.

It was followed by many organisations and was in place to allow single women with no other financial support to remain in the workplace while those who married and therefore had support from a husband were expected to stop work.  In addition there was often a bar on hiring married women in many jobs and professions.

The Workers’ war- union history- information on the removal of the Marriage bar in the U.K.

MARRIED WOMEN WORKERS, 1920’s to 1950’s– an academic paper ,dated 1988 from the U.S.. The paper discusses the origin and reasons behind the marriage bar and the bar on hiring married women.

No way to make a living – a sociological space about work


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