Related Curriculum for Excellence Briefings

CfE briefings 1Curriculum for Excellence 1- Broad General Education

“themes for interdisciplinary learning; the opportunities learners have to contribute to the life of the school as a community”

“well-planned interdisciplinary learning which combines Es and Os from different subjects and curriculum areas and applies them in motivating and relevant contexts”

CfE briefings 9 Learning about Scotland

Curriculum for Excellence 9- Learning about Scotland

“it is an entitlement for children
and young people to learn about
Scotland’s cultures, people, history,
achievements and languages, thereby connecting Scotland with its place in the world – past and present – as well as its natural heritage and landscape.”

CfE briefings 10Curriculum for Excellence 10-
The role of Community Learning and Development (CLD) and partnership working

“CLD provides opportunities for all learners and is important for all practitioners and partners. It is the overarching description given to the wide range of programmes and activities, often delivered in partnership with educational establishments, that are aimed at improving life opportunities for learners, families and adults, and which help to build and strengthen communities.”


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