Kinloss Primary School- Hall tales and Reminiscence Art Studies

Hall Tales project at Kinloss >>>>>>

Reminiscence Art Activity

Inspired by a range of stimuli, I can express and communicate my ideas, thoughts and feelings through activities within art and design. EXA 0-05a / EXA 1-05a / EXA 2-05a (Curriculum for Excellence)

The Children were shown the contents of two of the Reminiscence boxes from Elgin Library. Each box contains a different range of objects.  reminiscence box 6Apart from Granny’s Atttic (1 & 2) and Buckie Fishing there is no particular theme to any of the boxes. All the objects have been donated by the local community for use in the boxes.  They were created in 2012 by Annie Scott, who was the Older Person’s Co-ordinator for Moray Council at the time. Each box contains reminiscence box info including a list of contents and a series of questions which can be asked about the objects in the box.

Drawing a sunlight soap bar in its original wrapping

The children had the opportunity to investigate all the objects. Then they chose one object to study and draw. Paints, crayons, pastels, pencils and paper in a variety of sizes and shades were provided for the children’s use. They were given a free choice as to what they used. Although most of the questions included with the box are aimed at adults, however they still helped the children to think about how the objects were used in the past, how they could be valued and how useful they could be. Questions such as “Do you have a favourite board game?” and “What special items do you take to school?” allowed them to think about objects they value and may keep in the future.

Other pictures from the art activities sessions using the Reminiscence box from Elgin Library.


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