Preparing to film

Filming the interviews >>>>

Kinloss Primary School is one of the six Schools involved in the Halls Projects. Here is the journey the children went through to make their films.

The first stage of the film-making processThe children learning how to use the film-making equipment with film maker Tim Flood
Tim Flood, a local film-maker came into the class to talk about different aspects of film-making. He showed the children a short film consisting of short interviews similar to the short films the children will make for the Hall project.  

Framing a shot

  • wide shots= this can show a wide shot of showing the whole landscape
  • long shots= the subject is a long way from the camera
  • mid shots= most of the person and a little of the background
  • closeups= this can show just part of someone’s body like their hand or only their face and there are also extreme close-ups
  • profile shots= a side view of the subject

Roles of film-making which the children will take on

  • camera person
  • sound person
  • director
  • subject
  • interviewer
  • film editor
  • animation
  • research and storyline

Next the children had the opportunity had the chance to try of the equipment.

I can create, capture and manipulate sounds, text and images to communicate experiences, ideas and information in creative and engaging ways. TCH 1-04b /TCH 2-04b

Activity 1  Setting up the tripods
The children had to set up and take down the tripod. They learnt how to make the tripod legs  all the same length and then check the tripod was level.

Activity 2  Trying out the camerasOne of the children in P7 learning how to use the film camera
A couple of video cameras were passed around the group. They learnt about how to release the safety switch on the camera and turn it on. They also learnt how to hold the camera.

Activity 3 Learning the drill
Tim introduced the children to the drill which film makers use to allow the film to be made efficiently and with a minimum of mistakes. In their groups the children set up their own tripod and a camera They chose and then rotated through the different roles.P7 children trying out the different film roles

Director: Is everybody ready?
Director: We are going to rehearse/record
Director: Camera
Camera person presses the record button
Camera person: Recording (said clearly)
Director: Action (or a visual cue)PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERA
Interviewer looks at the Interviewer
Director: Cut (or a visual cue)

Activity 4
Thinking of open questions to ask the interviewees.
Director: Well done everybody


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