Writing up the Memory interviews

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When I engage with others, I can respond in ways appropriate to my role, show that I value others’ contributions and use these to build on thinking. LIT 2-02a

As I listen or watch, I can identify and discuss the purpose, main ideas and supporting detail contained within the text, and use this information for different purposes.
LIT 2-04a

interview form- primary school

At the end of Janaury the P5/6/7 class visited the village hall across the road.They had arranged to meet some older local residents to interview them for the project. The children used the Primary School Memory form, which they had helped to design. The children wrote down the information on the form and they also used blank sheets of paper to add information which was not in response to a specific question.

Back in the classroom the class sat in groups of 3-4 based on who they had interviewed. They had to write up their notes about the person. We went through the key ingredients for the first line and then they continued the write-up themselves, drafting it out an example of a first sentence Betsy’s first job was in domestic service in Findochty during the late 1930s. Her mother had got the job for her. Life then was very different to nowfirst on paper and then using Microsoft word to type it up. Once checked by the teacher the children opened up the online form page and pasted in what they had written straight into the form.

Below are links to the memories on this site written by the children. There are more being added soon.
Gordon Cooper
Alexander Nicol
Carroll Stewart

Craigellachie Primary school memory write upCraigellachie Primary school memory write up2


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