Craigellachie School- Hall Tales & Memory Project

Next Step- Preparing to do the Memory Interviews >>>>>

Hall tales and the Moray Heritage Project work
The school children are using the opportunity of the Local “Hall Tales” project to look at their own village hall andCraigellachie P5/6/7 class looking into their local village hall's history its history. They are also interviewing older local residents about their first jobs for this project. We talked about heritage and used the following questions to think more about what it is and how we can find out more

  • What is heritage?
  • How far back can we go and be sure of the facts?
  • What can we use to find out about the past?
  • Are some sources of information thought to be better/more accurate/believable than others?
  • Can we use the web at all?
  • What are we allowed to write about? Are there limits legally, good taste etc…?

Searching the internet
“Throughout all my learning, I can use search facilities of electronic sources to access and retrieve information, recognising the importance this has in my place of learning, at home and in the workplace. TCH 2-03b” (Curriculum for Excellence Outcome)

The children worked in pairs using the school’s set of netbooks to log on using the school wifi system. They used the internet to search for information about the hall. They found a local information website which included information about the village and its hall. All the history about the hall was captured into a single word document. This will make it easier to use the historical information in the classroom to write about the history of the hall.
One of the links was Craigellachie Village Council website. It has a section on the village hall and its history.

Finding images
“I can create, capture and manipulate sounds, text and images to communicate experiences, ideas and information in creative and engaging ways.TCH 1-04b /TCH 2-04b”

P5/6/7 class used Scran and other online sources to search for images of the village and the hall. Scran is a national resource of images and video which can be used freely in schools.The local Heritage Centre in Elgin will also be visited to see if there are any suitable photos or newspaper cuttings about the hall.

The Moray Libindx System has a wide range of material about the hall, which can be accessed, copied and shared with the class. (see here).


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