Fishing topic-Week by week list of activities

Week 1   w/e 23rd Aug 2013
Visit the school and introduce the heritage project. Theme- fishing class (P5/6).

Week 2   w/e 30 Aug 2013

  • Burghead Research team A class letter was sent home introducing the topic to the parents.
  • Research work– the children used web links provided on a Research on the theme of fishing page under Education/Burghead to read about Fishing in the North- east.
  • Collecting Images– The class used the website Scran to collect images for use on the project. When saved the image on the children tagged the image with the image name/source and their initials e.g. Burghead aerial shot Scran RH. Every school and library in Scotland can access Scran. The images on Scran can be used in schools for project use.
  • Places to Visit– The children and staff thought of places they could visit related to fishing e.g. Tugnet icehouse, Hopeman Icehouse, Findhorn Icehouse and Portsoy Salmon Bothy.

Trip to the HarbourTrip to the harbour

  • Visit to the harbour– the children are visiting the harbour with a member of the fishing community.They will find out what working life was like for a Burghead fisherman and how some of the harbour buildings were used
  • Homework this week included- “Through private research on the fishing industry present 3 facts you find interesting and explain why. “

Week 3 w/e 6 Sept 2013

  • Burghead Harbour boat artResearch the background of the boats found in the harbour the previous week.
  • Create a 3-D art work from a photograph of a boat photographed in the harbour using scraps of paper
  • Start to make clootie mats from strips of fabric and sacking

Week 4 w/e 13 Sept

  • Clootie mat construction continues
  • Fishing Box– the class looked at the artefacts in the Fishing Heritage Reminiscnce Box from the library. The children then took photographs of each object
  • Research work-a group began to look at the origin and use of the object sand recording what they found in a word document. This work will continue through the week. The photographs will be added to the documents and then they will added to this website and their own project files.
  • Burghead boat close-upClose-up photographs of the ship’s hull in the harbour were collected in a folder. The class will use them as a stimulus for art activities focussing on the different textures and colours of the painted decaying timbers.

Clootie Mat construction

Week 5 w/e 20/9/13

Typing up the memories, object research completion of the rag rug.

Week 6 w/e 27/9/13

  • Looking at heritage films related to the herring fisheries (NLS and You-tube)
  • Using the close-up images of the boat for art work– crayon, oil pastel or pencil crayon
  • Continuing research on the objects in the Buckie Fishing box
  • Type up memories collected by the children including researching workplaces.
  • Set up visits with the fisherman who meet in at the harbour each day
  • Ask Tom Cumming if he would like to come into the school to talk to the children.
  • The children were asked to bring in a family recipe (Fish if possible) which is not from a book. cullen skink recipe

Week 7 w/e 4/10/13

  • Tom Cumming's visit to Burghead Primary SchoolOn Tuesday Local resident Tom Cumming came to talk to the children about his early life in Burghead and how he started his first job.
  • The class wrote up the answers to the questions they had asked Tom.
  • Continuing to write up the memories collected from older local residents to add to the website.
  • Children delivering a thank you gift to Tom CummingsP5/6 are visiting the fisherman’s bothy in the harbour on Friday. The children will have an opportunity to ask the retired fishermen about their life at sea gaining more information about the harbour area and what it looked like in the past.
  • A small group of children visited Tom Cummings to deliver a thank you gift of a photo of his visit to the school earlier in the week.

Week 8 w/e 11/10/13

  • Learning to knit with dish cloth cotton
  • Adding memories to the website using the online form.
  • Learning some sea shanties
  • Children write down their reflections on the topic
  • Collecting photographs of the class displays and work
  • Northern Scot Article appears in the Friday paper

Future plans

A reminiscence walk around Burghead with Burghead residents who lived and worked locally either in the fishing or in the many shops and businesses of the busy North-east town.


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