Seas Shanties to sing and learn

Tobar an Dualchais oral recordings websiteSource Tobar an Dunchais

Haulin’ the Bowlin’- lyrics are on the website along with the music. Link to the music/yrics

Skye Boat Song
lyrics are easy to find here
link to the music

A Sailor went to Sea
Music and lyrics are here

There are other songs which tell often sad times e.g. The Eyemouth Disaster

Children’s songs and rhymes, some used in singing games- no lyrics but they are well known songs with many still sung today.
including Six O’Clock is Ringing/Three Times Round Went the Gallant Ship/Little Sally Walker/The Wind, the Wind, the Wind Blows High/Yankee Doodle sung by a child in 1960.

There are several stories on the website
A fisherman who rescued a mermaid and took her for his wife… told by Betty Whyte.

Seas Shanties Lyrics- Dauntless Pirates website no music

Songs of the Sea – sea shanties lyrics and background music


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