Fishing life websites

A selection of links which relate to fishing are below. Also search this website on the theme of fishing.  There are a number of memories by local fishermen.

North-east FolkLore Archive- children’s section

NEFA fishing heritage website schools section North-east FolkLore Archive- children section . This is the main website for the Archive.

The following pages describe what life was like for those who lived and worked in the fishing communities around the coast of North East Scotland.

The Gutting Quines didn’t travel on the boats but by train from port to port. Their belongings were taken up in kists in the boats of the fathers, brothers and husbands. They started early in the Herring Season up in Shetland then as the fish moved further south they were at Fraserburgh and Peterhead. They then moved south to Grimsby and then Yarmouth for the last of the fishing.

Ivor Gault’s Fish website– A personal website talking about the Fishing Industry in the North-East. Although it is a long scrolling page there is a lot of good historical information lower down the page.

Information on the Herring Fishery on the North East Coast for Scotland.

1939 film of the Fishing fleet in Lossiemouth

 Here is a film from 1952 describing how the Seine trawler net works

Link to the Burghead Headland Trust information on the Moray Connections Website

Moray Heritage Connections is a membership organisation that aims to promote the culture and heritage of Moray through its heritage centres and museums.

Click on the picture to the right to link to information about the Burghead Headland Trust.

Moray Firth Gansey Project
Link to the Moray Firth Gansey projectThis exciting three year project, drawn up by the Moray Firth Partnership, focuses on the tradition of hand knitted ganseys in the Moray Firth’s fishing communities as a way of preserving this important part of our culture and introducing the craft – and the area’s wider fishing heritage – to new audiences.

Blog LH gansey front Pattern: Lighthouse Gansey by Anne Bosch Source of image:

How you can help:

  • Put us in touch with people who knitted or wore ganseys
  • Let us see your old ganseys or photos of ganseys
  • Knit pattern samples
  • Volunteer to help with school and community knitting groups

Contact :


More information about the knitting of ganseys – site based in Great Yarmouth

BBC article about Ganseys and use of unique patterns for each placeBBC article about ganseys and the reason behind the wide range of specific patterns used.


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