Lost at Sea

Provident poemThe Prominent – this was a local ship which set out to sea on 23 December 1912 from Burghead Harbour. It was unfortunately lost at sea on Tuesday 4th February in the early morning due to heavy seas off the North coast of Ireland. There is a poem and a number of articles about the ship and how it might have been lost.

Provident Poems by M. Barron and D.R. Main
The Provident Disaster article
Family to Honor Lost Crew by Sharon Kerr
Photo of the Provident

Commemorative Plaque to loss of Daneden- photograph can be used for non-profit use
The Loss of the Daneden
More information about the Daneden including a list of the crew and a photo of the plaque to commemorate the loss. This is at the Tower Hill memorial.

Buckie Heritage record of Vessels lost at Sea and information about the bombing of the Steam fishing Trawler the Daneden.

Newspaper article about the Aberdeen trawler loss at sea.

Information about the Daneden fishing vessel including who was on board and their surviving relatives.

War Sailors forum with additional information about the ship Daneden. Helen’s father was William Reid. The forum discusses the loss of the ship although Helen’s Father is not listed in their list of crew. He was on the ship- see the link above.

Catalogue of Merchant Naval Losses in World War 2 by name, type, tonnage and reason for sinking. The Daneden was sunk on 19 September 2013.


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