Related Weblinks

Scotlands Places Archive website
Records for Burghead including maps of fishing grounds etc.

Tugnet Icehouse
Here is a link to the RCAHMS listed building information and photos of the building.
Tugnet Ice House tour times and link to the Whale and Dolphin centre next door.

National Archives currency converterHistorical Currency converter
Find out how yesterday’s prices compare to 2005’s prices.

How do herring nets work- a series of fishing links provided by Headteacher, Trsitan Walker. Many are on Scran. N.B:To access Scran the user needs to be in a Scottish school, library or have a individual licence to access the content.

How and why were herring cured

Early Scottish fishing boats

Scran- Knitting wiskar,wisker or whisker

Image of a wisker on Scran

Scran link to information and photo of a knitting wisker. You need to be in a Scottish School or library to use this link

or access Scran through your Moray library card here and search for knitting wisker or fisherwoman’s knitting belt. Scran is an excellent resource full of photographs and videos on a wide range of topics.

Clootie mats
There are number of names for the Clootie Mats. They can be called “proggy mat”. There are also Clootie trees decorated with Clootie rags. A search for any of these keywords will bring up many images of these traditional craft activities.

Britain from Above

Link to Britain from above website showing images from 1919-1953Britain from Above presents the unique Aerofilms collection of aerial photographs from 1919-1953. You have to register to zoom into these amazing pictures, identify unlocated images, and share memories.

There are numerous places in Moray represented including Lossiemouth, Moray, Elgin, Dufftown, Knockando, Keith, Innes House, Glenlivet, Cullen, Orton House, Forres and Portknockie.


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