Burghead ice house

Burghead ice house On Friday 4th October the P5/6 class visited the Harbour bothy/meeting place and the group of fisherman which gather there each day at about 10 o’clock. On the way there they met a member of the Burghead community who allowed the children to see the Burghead Icehouse which was in her garden.

“We went to see the old Ice house. It was Brilliant. I learnt it was in someone’s garden.” Dylan P5/6 Burghead ice house

“We were invited into a lady’s house and into her garden to see the icehouse there was no light in it. I liked it because it was dark. She told us how old it was and how it worked. ”      Jack Jim  P5/6


“We went to an icehouse in Burghead and I learnt that you stored fish in it.” Kyle P5/6

“It was really exciting because Mrs Fitzsimmons was very kind to let us into her back garden to see the Icehouse. It was fun because we went inside it. ”         Kimberley


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