Burghead Primary School- Fishing topic

Northern Scot article about Burghead ProjectDuring the Autumn term of 2013 the P5-7 children found out about their local heritage. The town of Burghead as it stands today was mainly built between 1805 and 1809. The fishing industry, particularly herring was a major employer during last century.
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Northern Scot article about the project Oct 11 2013 

“Every week Mrs Griffiths came in we went on the Moray Memories website. We researched objects and uploaded photographs to the website. We researched what people wrote down about their life” Tara P 5/6 class

Activities inside and outside the classroom:-

  • researched the origins of the town and its place in the fishing heritage of Moray. The children used the internet and local history books to look for historical information (text, photo, sound archives).
  • asked older relatives in their family and/ or their immediate neighbourhood about the jobs they did and when they left school
  • record the working lives of older members of the Burghead community
  • add useful information related to working lives to this website via the online form
  • visit buildings related to the fishing industry e.g. the harbour along with local people who worked there when they were younger
  • draw artefacts related to the fishing industry e.g. net-repair needles, a gansey etc….

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Fishing memories on the website
Tom Howe (salmon fishery), John Smith (Harbour Master), Doug Andrews (fireman), Alan Clarke (Customs and Excise), Ian Beaton Jack (Seaman), Margaret Smith (gutting quine), George Addison (Fishing skipper), Fred Innes (skipper), Ellen Sheed and her sister Helen Sheed (both lost their Father on the Dunedin)


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