Interesting leads to follow up

1.    There are a number of men named on the WM who received decorations
       Lt Donald Jenkins MC
       Pte James Pirie MM
       CSM James Robertson DCM

To do: Try to find out more about what each of these medals were.  
2.    Two men named on the WM attended Aberdeen University and there is an online memorial to them.
        Lt Donald Jenkins MC (his brother who survived the war was also awarded the MC and Bar)
        Lt James Temple Jenkins
To do:  Look at this site for information about these men
        It provides some biographical detail about the men.
3.    Location of the places the casualties died
While the vast majority of casualties fell in France or Flanders, there are some who fell in other battlegrounds, notably –
        Robert James Neish – commemorated on the Helles Memorial (Gallipoli)
        Duncan Stevenson – buried in the Basra War Cemetery
        Donald MacKenzie – buried in the Alexandria War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt. 

To do: Look at the location of the cemetaries listed in the Moray Roll of Honour boo for each of the men. Plot the location on a map of France and the world.
4.  Seaforth Highlanders Battles  
The Burghead War memorial reflects some of the key engagements in which the 6th Seaforth Highlanders took part – Loos (25/9/15); Beaumont Hamel (13/11/16); Arras (9/4/17).

To do: Look at the front of the Moray Roll of Honour Book for more information about these battles/engagements. 
5.       There are five sets of brothers included on the War Memorial –
          James and George Davidson
          Alexander and Gavin Grant
          Alexander and George Mackenzie
          Alexander and Thomas Peterkin
          John and William Ralph

To do: Look up the birth certificates of the brothers in Scotlands People website.
6.       The role of the fishermen in the war, particularly the role of Drifters in the war.

To do: Look in the Moray Roll of Honour book at the jobs the men did before they enrolled in the war or were called up.

7.       Burghead Cementary Graves
The men buried in the local cemetery. There are 4 war graves from the First World War in Burghead cemetery –
          James Cormie (Army pension records on Ancestry)
          Charles McLennan
          Alexander Peterkin
          Daniel Main         

To do: Photographs could be taken of the graves and flowers laid in respect.


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