Burghead WW2 research work

Week One

The Project began with a visit to the local war memorial to take a series of photos of the WW2 names. A set of folders was created and placed in the shared drive to allow the children add information about each soldier as they found it. Each child was given just the name of their soldier and his rank (if it was on the memorial). At that point we did not know date of the death, location etc… just that the soldier had a link of some kind to the village of Burghead which justified their inclusion on the memorial. We looked at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website and Libindx, the Moray Heritage database. This rapidly led to other sites dedicated to Merchant Shipping etc… As information was found the children put the source of their information as a hyperlink at the top of their word files so that others could use the same websites and also sources could be vertified if discrepencies in information were found. There is no comprehensive Moray Roll of Honour book for the Second World War. This slowed down the research and showed the class how useful such a book had been to the WW1 research.

As there were three Alex Mains that is going to take time to sort out.

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Week Two
Hettie Milne came into class to talk to the children about World War Two in Burghead. Her Father had been a Rabbit Catcher, a reserved occupation during WW2 and Hettie had been attending the Primary School and latterly Hopeman Secondary School during WW2.  She had shared her early memories with the memory project. She also shared an article she had written about her childhood memories with the children. They had lots of questions for her about her time at the school, WW2 and her Father’s work. She is one of the founding members of the Moray Writers’ Guild. Hettie was given a tour of the school at the end of her visit. It had changed quite a bit from her though the side entrance was the same and most of the windows. No radiators in her time just open fires.

Week Three
The class created posters based on the collected information about the soldiers from both WW1 and 2. Each soldier WW1 and 2 has a folder in the shared drive.

For each soldier the class have usually found-

  • Commonwealth War Graves Commission Certificate
  • Photograph/address of their house in Burghead, if they lived here.
  • Reference on Libindx
  • Newspaper cutting/s announging their death and /or an obituary
  • word document wirtten by a pupil summarising the information found about the soldier
  • photograph of the battlefield (if known)
  • photograph of the cemetary/ memorial (if known)



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