Elgin Museum Oral History Project

Here are a series of recordings completed in 2003 as part of an oral history project in the museum. Moray people were asked about the working life.

David Ingram- Retired Head Teacher of New Elgin Primary School

Link to David Ingram’s memory
He discusses new methods of teaching and school closures in small village communities during the 1960s. He also reflects on differences in education then and now.

He is the retired Head Teacher of New Elgin Primary School (21 years at this school (1967-1988). He came from Strichen, Aberdeenshire. During the Second World War he served with the Royal Signals and the Intelligence Corps in Germany working with the British Army of the Rhine. Finished there in September 1947 and then went on the following month to Edinburgh University to study for an arts degree. He got an MA degree and then went to do two terms (only 2 terms for ex-servicemen) at Moray House. He became an Head teacher at four schools in total working his way up through the small schools. Birnie School (2 teacher 53 pupils teaching P4-7) then a school in Mosstodloch area -Balnacoul (3 teacher 80 pupils) and then Burghead (5 teacher fishing village)  Burghead School produced the only Professor Dick knows he taught- George Fraser, Director of Space Research at the University of Leicester.
Finally in 1967 he moved to New Elgin Primary 412 pupils just into his 40s. After 1967 New Elgin Primary rose to over 700 pupils due to new building and then Greenwards opened in 1978. 300 pupils were transferred there taking the school back to 400 or so.

Tom Howe- Salmon Fisherman and Local Councillor

audio_clipTom Howe-    Elgin Museum Oral History Project
Tom was born in Turriff. He was brought up in Deeside. He started his working life as a salmon fisherman on the North Kincardine Coast.   He came up to work at Tugnet on the Spey in 1960. Tom describes the changes to his industry that he saw and experienced first-hand. He then goes on to talk about the SNP and his council work. Tom passed away on 17th May 2011. Read more about his life and work here- Political life  Local Tribute.  The recording lasts about 23 minutes.

There is an additional recording featuring Tom Howe on the Interviews with Local people page. It comes from an interview with Andy Ross from Moray Firth Radio and a copy of the interview was generously shared with the project by his widow, Margo.

Winnie EwingScottish Lawyer, MP, MEP and MSP

audio_clipWinnie Ewing part 1a oral history recording
Winnie discusses her early life and ending with how she met her husband. The recording lasts about 20 minutes.

audio_clipWinnie Ewing 1b oral history recording
Winnie continues to discuss her life as a lecturer ending with the start of her political life.The recording lasts about 26 minutes.

audio_clipWinnie Ewing 2a oral history recording
Winnie talks about her political life ending with a discussion of the Petitions committee at the Scottish parliament. The recording lasts about 13 minutes.

audio_clipWinnie Ewing 2b oral history recording
Winnie continues to discuss her time in the Scottish Parliament. The recording lasts about 13 minutes.


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