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Adding words and photos                                        

You can add your words and photos to this site instantly.

  • Just fill in the simple on-screen form and click on submit. If you want to add a photo just email it to us with your name so it can be added to your memory.
  • Download a submission form with questions then hand it in at any Moray Library addressed to Claire Griffiths @ Elgin Library
  • Visit one of the events the project attends
  • or phone 07525 237093 to arrange to speak the Local Service Co-ordinator

So what could you add?

  • Memories of your first job or a lost skill (the main themes for the project)
  • An old photo of where you worked or trained
  • Where and when you started work, what you did, weekly wage and days off/holidays if any.

Look round this site to see what other people have added. Most people just add one photo or one paragraph of text. Others add whole photo galleries or sections of the site.

It’s so easy!                               Online form is here>>>>

  • Write or type a draft copy of your memory of your first job or a lost skill. You can then go back later to finish it.
  • You can now fill in the online form. If you typed it earlier you can copy and paste the text into the form.
  • When you’re ready, you press a button to submit your words and email any photos to our editors for publishing.

Terms and conditions

  • Text submitted to the site may be sub-edited for the sake of clarity or readability.
  • Images submitted to the site may be cropped or digitally enhanced (for example, to improve contrast).
  • WRVS is under no obligation to publish any text or photos submitted to the site.
  • WRVS may reject material on the grounds of copyright infringement, offensiveness or other legal considerations.
  • WRVS cannot accept contributions of a commercial, marketing or advertising nature. We will, however, accept editorial content from commercial organisations (for example, the memories of a shop-owner).

Any questions?

Do you need any help with the material you’re thinking of adding? Do you need help with writing your story, or help with publishing it to the site?  Please email  Claire Griffiths Local Service Co-ordinator