Aberlour Orphanage Reunion and Bicentenary Event

Aberlour Trust Bicentenary of events

Aberlour Orphanage BellClick here to listen to the Aberlour Orphanage Bell played at the ReunionListen to the sound of the bell
This is the sound of the Aberlour orphanage bell being played at the Reunion in the marqee.

One show and Aberlour Orphanage feature 25th September 2012BBC Programme The One Show featured Aberlour Orphanage Boys David Devine and Ron Aitchison’s in its show on Tuesday 25th September. It can be seen on iplayer for the next few days. Look at 22 mins 22 sec mark in the show.

David Devine spoke about his time at the orphanange in the programme and in a local press article in the Northern Scot

Aberlour Bicentenary Reunion on Saturday 14th September
The Moray Heritage Memory Project attended the Aberlour Orphanage and School Reunion held in a large marquee in Alice Littler Park on Saturday 15th September. As the sun shone outside previous orphanage residents, family members and many locals were able meet and catch up on each others’ lives.

Looking at archive photographs at the Aberlour Bicentenary Reunion Day on Saturday 14th SeptemberNumerous photographs were posted around the marquee to jog memories of shared time spent in the Aberlour Orphanage and at the Aberlour Schools. Missing names were added to photographs as people were identified by fellow pupils and residents. The Orphanage Bell had been placed at the back of the marquee and it was rung many times during the course of the day.

Aberlour Community and District Pipe Band. (recently formed)

Click here to listen to the Aberlour Pipe Band at the Aberlour Reunion EventListen to the sound of the Aberlour Community and District Pipe Band playing outside at the Aberlour Reunion Event. It is outside at the live event so there are some other sounds.

The successful series of weekend events (Thursday – Sunday) to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Aberlour represented the culmination of many hours of planning over a long time .  Click here to read about all the events held on the weekend. The local pipe band played traditional music outside to everyone’s enjoyment.

Aberlour Primary School was opened in the morning for visitors and was very busy as people looked at the displays. The classrooms were also open for everyone to look and remember lessons long past.
Aberlour School Reunion September 15th 2012Aberlour School Reunion September 15th 2012

Aberlour School Reunion September 15th 2012 Aberlour School Reunion September 15th 2012  

Aberlour Trust Bicentenary events

Aberlour Child Care Trust

The trust was in attendance on the 14th and 15t h.September.

All activities were held in the marquee in the Alice Littler Park. Their website has more information on the history of the Orphanage.

Ron Aitchison and three of his brothers

Ron Aitchison and three of his brothers (he is smallest!)

Ron Aitchison, who spent part of his childhood at the orphanage, has given us his memory of his first job and recollections of his life in the orphanage in Aberlour. Also on Ron’s page are additional links to information about the orphanage. There are additional Aberlour memories here.


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