Alistair Riach’s first job for Scott the Grocers in Bishopmill, Elgin

Alistair started working for Scott the Grocers at the age of 13 in 1948. His Mother said “You have to go out and make some money”. Scott the Bakers was situated next to the Chemist shop (where the Co-op shop is now). Bishopmill did not have a lot of shops.He delivered baked goods and collected orders all over Bishopmill using his message bike. A sack of potatoes would just fit into a bike carrier. During the winter it was very hard work. He handed over his earnings to his mother for his keep. He worked from 8 a.m. until 9 a.m. and then 4 p.m. until 6 p.m going to work in between.

In his free time he went to dances at the Lido and saw films at the Elgin playhouse. The children also went swimming in the River Lossie. They only wore shoes for school and took them off once they got out of school to keep them “nice”. When they wore the shoes the socks would be darned with a tennis ball.

He remembers his Granny putting spare porridge in  a drawer. Pieces could be cut off as oatcakes. Sometimes she would cut a slide off and fry it. One day she gave Alistair a Mars bar and said “That’s your tea, there is a meal in a Mars.” 

Additional Information
The Porridge drawer tradition is well established in the north-east of Scotland.

Memory contributed by Alistair Riach from Elgin.


One thought on “Alistair Riach’s first job for Scott the Grocers in Bishopmill, Elgin

  1. Alistair Riach I am looking for a family of mine who were the Scott’s from Elgin. He would have been my great grandfather and owned a grocers in the 1900’s!! No idea what his first name is as yet but his daughter Jean Scott ( my nana) married an Albert Hughes. Wonder if you know anything about this family, much appreciated
    Karen Silver ( Hughes)

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