Working as a hospital ward maid by Sandra Borthwick

My name is Sandra Borthwick and I was a ward maid in a Hospital. I started when I was 15 in 1961. I chose this job because I wanted to earn money. My job was to clean the ward, kitchen, toilets, the corridor and all areas.

I also had to make and serve tea, bread and jam to the patients in the morning and the afternoon. I only had 2 weeks off per year. My wage was £12.00 per week.

I gave some of my earnings to my mother and I kept some. I started my job at 8.00am and I finished at 8.00pm. I got 15 mins break in the morning and 30 mins at lunch and another 15 mins at night. I didn’t go home for lunch. I loved everything about my job. The things that are different to nowadays are that there were less form filling in, fewer health and safety rules and regulations and inspections.

My job was very safe. I got initial training. When I wasn’t working I was ether dancing, at the cinema, shopping for clothes or ice-skating. I only had 2 weeks off. My other jobs were working in a library, working at a grocers shop, nursing training, a window cleaner and I drove an ice-cream van.

Sandra was interviewed by a Burghead Primary P5/6 pupil as part of a Heritage Project based around fishing and the local community.


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