David Scott’s first job working for a New Zealand Shipping Yard

M. V. Otaio. New Zealand Shipping Company's cadet training ship, 13,314 tons. The ship was built in 1958. source wikicommons Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 license

M. V. Otaio. New Zealand Shipping Company’s cadet training ship Source wikicommons

Interview by Cara Mackenzie, Burghead Primary Pupil
Interviewed: David Scott
Job title: Cadet
Location: New Zealand shipping yard company Place of work: Ship called Otaio
Age: 16     Year: 1960

Why did you choose this job: Everyone was going to sea
Your tasks: Navigation of the ship and responsible for running the ship
Days off or holidays: None everyday working, where and when required for 2 years

Wage: £12 a month
Did you keep your earnings: Sent home wages but kept some too 

Describe a typical day:
Start time: No set times 24 hours
Breaks for coffee or tea: When could
Lunch:  Lunch on boat

Sextant. compass and octant Source wikicommons

Sextant. compass and octant Source: wikicommons

What work did you have to do: Different duties on boat like navigation
Did you enjoy your job: Yes enjoyed job
Is it different to nowadays? You were on your own where nowadays the boats are ran from the harbour office
What equipment did you use: Sextant – Navigated with the stars and sun.  The angle between the horizon and the sun
How safe was it: Relatively safe compared to the fishing boats, due to size of the boats Did you get any training: 2nd mate certificate, 1st mate certificate and Master certificate.  Which means he could take charge of any boat
What did you do in your spare time: Most of the time in New Zealand, so went to coffee bars which closed at 6 ‘o’ clock and pubs
How long did you work for there: 17 years
Did you work more jobs: 1976 – 1977 cargo ships were finishing so went off shore with a supply company. Did this for 25 years then retired. Going through piers in Yarmouth was a horrendous job. Towed a rig through Panama Canal in 1986.  It was a Mexican rig. the biggest boat was the Oil Vessel which towed a rig from Trinidad to Alabama. It had a large anchor and handled vessels with  18,000 horse power.

David Scott from Findhorn was interviewed by Cara Mackenzie, a pupil at Burghead Primary School

Additional information
The two piers at Great Yarmouth- Google Maps satellite view


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