Anne McArthur’s work in accounts

Anne started her work as an accounting machine operator in Elgin when she was 15 in 1969 and stayed there for 5 whole years. She worked in an office and chose that job because it had a good employer. She was paid £30 a month and she had to pay digs and keep the rest. She got 34 days holiday and during her holidays and spare time she would go dancing.

She would start work at 9 o’clock and finished and 5 o’clock. Anne had two 15 minute breaks and she did not go home for lunch. She was asked to do key in information but one day the company changed to decimalisation which she had to do training for. Sometimes she would put cold tea in a bottle for whisky to see if people could tell the difference. She used a big machine to do her work and computers were used more manually. Anne enjoyed getting things right at work and the job was very safe.

Anne McArthur from Elgin was interviewed by Sam, a pupil from Burghead Primary School.


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