Isabel’s work at Daniel Young Grocers in Hopeman

Shop Assistant at Daniel Young Grocers in Hopeman at 14 years old when started I940. Reason for choice – to few jobs not a choice.

Serving customers in the shop- groceries, paint etc… Count the stamps for the groceries. Work at the Counter and drawer for money. Groceries in jars on shelves. Cornflakes were just starting to come in. Oatmeal was very popular. Days off holidays Half day Wednesday 9-6 p.m every day but Sunday. Wage 7/- 50p Did you keep earnings? – Hand over to family. Typical day Start at 9am no breaks 1-2 p.m. Went home for lunch. Finish 6 p.m. Liked meeting customers – groceries were rationed wasn’t a lot of money. Scales used for weighing, sugar and butter and nothing was in a packet, Carried groceries in a basket of their own. It was safe place to work?
No training for the job. Home at 6 p.m. Did a lot of knitting. Nights were dark due to no lights. Stayed til 1945. Married in 1946

Isobel McPherson from Hopeman was interviewed by Cara Mackenzie, a Burghead Primary School pupil


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