Working at the fishing yard in Buckie by George Cormack

Interviewed: George Cormack     Interview by Cara Mackenzie, pupil at Burghead Primary School
Job title: Labourer
Location: Buckie
Place of work: fishing yard
Age: 16
Year: 1949
Why did you choose this job? All that was going at the time.
Your job: Weighed fish, boxed and ice them. Put on the train and sent to London (Billingsgate Market), Liverpool and Birmingham.
Day/s off: noon on Saturday and all day Sunday
Wage? Couple of pounds
Did you get to keep your earnings or did you have to hand it over to you mother /family? Hand it over to my mother
Start time: 8 am
Lunch time: Cycled home
Finished at: 5 pm
Did you in enjoy your work? Yes enjoyed the work

 Buckie shipyards © Copyright Alan Walker and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Buckie shipyards In the distance and left of the centre of the photograph is Jones’ shipyard. © Copyright Alan Walker and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

How do you think it was different to nowadays? Now fish yard nowadays
What equipment did you use then that we do not use now? Used a knife
How safe was it? Use your common sense
Did you get any training the job or complete a qualification? No training pick up as went along
What did you do in your time off? Had a boat, go fishing
How long did you stay in the job? Left the job 3 years later
Did you have any other interesting jobs in your life?
Have you had any exciting adventures in your life?
Went on to serve time a boat builder in Jones of Buckie. Left and went to merchant navy until retire at 62. George was a ship’s carpenter. 2 years on a Norwegian supply boat.

George was on the Veronica Viking and hit a swell outside Aberdeen, George fell and hit controls and broke his ribs and he retired after that.

George travelled all around the world on many boats.
George away for about 10 months at a time which meant he was not at home very often. Never stayed at home very long before he was away again.

George Cormack from Burghead was interviewed by Cara Mackenzie, pupil at Burghead Primary School

Additional information

Buckie and District Fishing Heritage CentreBuckie Heritage Centre has a range of online images and audio. Well worth a visit as well if you are in the area.

More information on the ship- Veronica Viking- now known as Northern Viking and part of the Trico Supply Company. Picture of Northern Viking.


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