Burghead Primary School Fishing Topic

Tom Cumming's visit to Burghead Primary School

Tom Cumming came to visit his old school Burghead Primary School to talk about life in Burghead in the past, his work life in the RAF and his Father’s work as Burghead’s Scaffie in the 1930s

Burghead Primary School P5/6 class have been studying the topic of Fishing. Friday 11th October was the last day for their involvement in the Moray Heritage Memory Project.

New content

– Recipe forcullen skink recipe Cullen Skink 
Jennifer Moaut visit (SWFPA)
– Information about the Provident
Marine Biologist visit including photos
– 2 Videos added of the children learning how to repair nets and splice rope
– Class Display page added
– Tom Cumming’s memories of Burghead in 1930s, RAF and his Father’s life as the Town’s Scaffie.
-Burghead-related content – Angela Oatridge

The class wrote down what they enjoyed about the project, posted their interviews with older residents to this site (also will appear soon!). One of their final activities was to shape butter with butter pats then eat it was spreading it on a slice of tin loaf with home-made jam.

Gilbert Farquhar local retired fisherman with some of P5/6 on a visit to the harbour

Gilbert Farquhar, local retired fisherman with some of P5/6 on their visit to the Burghead harbour to learn more of working life for local fisherman

The P 5/6 class visited a variety of places around the village and had a number of local visitors in class talking about working in fishing, marine habitats, fish processing and life in Burghead in the past. They also researched, drew and wrote about their topic and participated in a variety of local crafts including net repairing and clootie mat making. To find out more follow the Education tab above this post and look for Burghead Primary School. Other schools in Moray have taken part in the project. Information on what they have done is also in the Education section.

Over the weekend a wide variety of photographs showing the children’s work on the topic will be added to this website. Also oral recordings by Tom Cumming (a local Burghead resident) will also be added. Keep checking.

rope splicing video2 Videos added of the children learning how to repair nets and splice rope
Class Display page added


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