Nora Frankish’s work as a clerk for Rushton Hornsby Engineering Works in Lincoln

Comptometer model ST Super Totalizer

Comptometer model ST Super Totalizer

Nora went to work when she turned 16 in 1938. She worked in the Comptometer Room. It was very noisy. She stayed there for a year before moving on to her next job as a clerk in the Social Services Department of Lincolnshire County Council. Her job was collating the number of children in school. The data picked up how well they were doing in school all over the county in lots of different schools. She met her husband there. He worked in the Royal Army Pay Corps@ Leicester didn’t pass for active service.

When the war started in 1939 she went to work for Hovis Flour mill (Albion Mill) from 1939 to 1941.She also worked for Avro Aviation which built plane parts. Women did some of the heavy engineering works. There were men still working there.

Another job was in a large office. It was a big one with lots of tables and it handled the post for the armed services. It dealt with the letters from soldiers or their wives. The post was collected in the office, sorted then sent on to where the man was posted. An officer was posted at each table for anything we couldn’t deal with. One of the officers was a “dopey” Lieutenant. Once they wrote a note for him which said…..

“You are a silly fool. You’ll sign anything that is put in front of you.”

He dully signed it and sent it up. He got in trouble for that.

Memory contributed by Nora Frankish from Aberlour

Additional Information
More information about the Hovis Flour Mill- Albion Mill in Lincoln. Interestingly there is an article cited talking about their memories of working at the mill by a W.M. Frankish. Perhaps a relation of Nora?

A Memory of the Royal Army Pay Corps in Leicester


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