Mary Marr’s work as an office worker for Scottish Legal and Life Assurance

Mary’s job was to look after the agents who brought in the insurance. At this time she lived 10 miles out of Aberdeen at Newmacher. She remembers seeing the effect of the WW2 planes on part of Aberdeen and Fraserburgh. There was a bomb near Duff House, Banff when German POWs were living there. She started working for Scottish Legal and Life Assurance, Aberdeen in 1947 at the age of 15. In those days the Insurance Man went around the houses to collect 1d a week or a monthly amount depending on the policies. They covered areas such as Industrial Accident/ Death. Endowments could mature after 10/15/20 years. Ordinary Branch premiums were paid quarterly or half yearly (see below). Insurance for the death of a child. a child could be covered for 1d. a week. The pay out sum was not large. Many people had large families and the infant mortality rate was very high. An Adult Life Insurance would pay for a funeral.

Newmacher Primary School © Copyright Bill Harrison and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Newmacher Primary School

During the second world war when the evacuees came to the area she remembers having to attend Newmacher Primary School on a part-time basis due to lack of space in the classrooms.

Memory contributed by Mary Marr, Aberlour

Additional Information

Ordinary Branch
Refers to life policies which, when originally taken out, had premiums payable either in a lump sum, monthly by payment from a bank account, every three months, every six months or every year and to all pension policies.” source: Royal London Financial Sense website


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