Betty Ogg’s time as a farm worker in Aberlour

Betty Ogg (neé Wink) started work at the age of 14 at Rinnchat farm in Aberlour. It was just as the Second World war started in 1939. Her Father had died the previous year. She doesn’t remember being paid or having any days off. She could have stayed on but she left to help her mother. Her mother employed a labourer to help on the farm. He lived in a “Chalmer” next to the stable.

Her Mother’s parents came to live with them. Her Grandad used to be a tenant farmer on Gouls Farm near Glass. When they got older their son carried on with the farm and they went to run a teashop/pie shop in Huntly. It was at 14 Old Road, Huntly and they sold lemonade and pies. On market day she sold a cup of tea and a pie.  Betty went there for her holidays.By the time they came to live with Betty and her family her Granny had rheumatism, for which there seemed to be no medication at the time. She spent her days in bed with her husband, Betty’s Grandfather (who was then in his 80s) sitting by his wife’s side.

Cottages_in_the_vicinity_of_Kinermony__-_geograph_org_uk_-_350008 Licensed under Creative Commons  Photo taken by Des Colhoun Date 28 February 2007

Cottages near Kinermony

Betty was married in 1949. She married farm labourer, Alexander ‘Sandy’ Ogg. They moved to Balliemulloch farm, 3 miles from Aberlour for just a year. Then they moved back to live at Rinnachat as her brother was taken ill with Sciatica. After two years his health improved so Alexander and Betty moved to Kinermony Farm. Her husband was employed by them. As part of his employment they were given a cottage to live in. It had no hot water and an outside toilet which was typical of rural cottages at that time.

Betty remembers their typical diet was broth, pea, “tattie” and chicken soups. They also regularly ate pancakes, oatcakes and scones.

Memory contributed by Betty Ogg neé Wink, Aberlour


One thought on “Betty Ogg’s time as a farm worker in Aberlour

  1. I was interested to read your story. I have been researching my late mother’s family tree and her sister, the only one of four still living now residing in New Zealand, has informed me that in 1931 the Cumming family moved to Glenfarclas and attended Aberlour School before moving to Elgin My mother and her two sisters that went to the school were Isobel Mary Cumming, Anne Ross Cumming, and Joan Cumming. Their parents were George William Cumming and Margaret Daisy Cumming (nee Beatson). I am trying to find out more about where they lived and I think my grandfather may have worked at the distillery.

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