Working as a tailoress for Sutherland in Forres by Grace Munro

Mrs G Adam part of Grace Munro's memoryGrace’s first job was at the age of 14 for a tailor in Forres was shortlived as she returned home one day and had been cleaning the shop windows. Her Mum was not impressed.
“You can clean the windows at home,” her mother told her. “I put you there to learn tailoring.”

So instead she went to work for a Polish tailor in Tolbooth Street. John Tubis had been a prisoner of war in Balnageith camp in Forres and then chose to stay on after the war finished. Her mother had sewed on a treddle machine converted to electric. Grace learnt pattern cutting. Also how to make pockets, linings and buttonholes. Brown paper was used to cut out the patterns on. The fitting was only done by the tailor. The fabric was suiting and not tartan. The sewing skills she learnt were put to good use throughout her life, for both work and pleasure.

Her family were brought up in Forres. Each day they had a delivery from Greshop Dairy. They used a horse-drawn cart and the horse was called Polly. Polly was a creature of habit and she would not move from the shop until she had had an icecream. Her mother, Mrs G. Adam was a remarkable business woman (see the newspaper cutting on the right).  She started her family in Burghead and then moved to Forres when Grace was born. Her father died when Grace was three. The family business, Adams was based in the building at the roundabout at the junction of St. Catherine and Nairn Road which had a peacock on it. It was at 1 Bogton Place, Forres.  The Business included a Bed and Breakfast, Fish and Chips and Icecream. It was on the main road to Inverness and Aberdeen and was a stopping off point for lorry drivers on the long journeys. Read the newspaper article for more details.

Grace went to school in Forres.  During the Second World War she remembers that if the siren went and you could run home in 5 minutes you could go home. After the all clear sounded her Mother sent her back to school.

Memory contributed by Grace Munro, Elgin

Additional Information

Grace Munro interview- Moray Older People's Newsletter Spring 2013

Grace Munro interview- Moray Older People’s Newsletter Spring 2013

Older People’s Newsletter Spring 2013– includes an interview with Grace about her time as a Tailor.

An article written by local pensioner, Violet Fraser about her time living at the Balnageith POW camp after the war when it was not longer is used for POWs. Commenmorative plaque at the site. More information about the site of the camp.

Greshop dairy- Occasionally Vintage milk bottles from the dairy come up for sale on the online site Ebay.


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