Gordon Cooper’s first job working at Porpine Mill in Craigellachie

Gordon’s first job was a cooper in the Porpine Mill in Craigellachie in 1950. He started work when he was 15 years old and his wages were £2.50 a week. He gave his family his wages when they needed it. He started work at 8.00AM and finished at 9.15PM. He got his breaks when the shop wasn’t busy. He enjoyed his job for 29 years before being conscripted to join the Seaforth Highlanders. 

He trained at Fort George for 10 weeks and then he went to Perth for 2 weeks. Then hePhotograph of the sole surviving 64 pounder 64 cwt Mk I rifled muzzle-loading gun, mounted on a replica carriage. At the Duke of Cumberland's bastion at Fort George, Inverness, Scotland. went to Gibraltar for 1 year and to Germany for 6 months. He said that the Seaforth Highlanders were disciplined in every way.

In his spare time he enjoyed dancing.

This Memory was submitted using the online form by Lucas, Harris and Tamara from Craigellachie School, Morayshire. Gordon Cooper was interviewed at Craigellachie Village Hall


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