Carrol Stewart’s first job as a nurse

Carrol Stewart’s first job was as a nurse in the Navy Army hospital in Wembley, London.   She started work at 17 in 1939 because she wanted to travel.  She earned £1.00 a week which she got to keep.

Her working day at the hospital started at 6:30 and she had one hour off a day and one day off a week.  She had lunch at 12:00.  Her working day ended at 8:00 p.m. unless she was on night duty.  Carrol enjoyed her job very much because she liked helping out.  She thought the working day was very different from today because it was very different hours with less pay.  She stayed at her job 10 years before her marriage.

In her spare time she cycled, climbed Ben Rinnis and sometimes went to the cinema if she could afford it. She used to teach 3 children in Zimbarab Redins (Zimbabwe)

This memory was submitted using the online form by Merlin, Lorna and Annemiek from Craigellachie Primary School, Morayshire. The children interviewed Carrol Stewart at Craigellachie Village Hall.


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