Alexander Nicol’s first job as a joiner for David Goseman Joiners in Aberlour

Alexander started work in 1960 at the age 15 for David Goseman joiners in Aberlour. He chose the job because he wanted to be a joiner.

He started his work day at 8 o’clock. He had his break at 10 o’clock. He had his lunch, normally at 12 or 1 o’clock. He finished work at 5 o’clock.

He earned £2 a week and handed it to his family. He worked as a joiner for 60 years.

Craigellachie Village Hall

Craigellachie Village Hall

In his spare time, he played tennis and badminton in the Craigellachie village hall.

This memory was submitted using the online form by Ciaran and Connel from Craigellachie School in Morayshire. Alexander Nicol was interviewed at Craigellachie Village Hall.


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