Working George Sellar in Huntly by Barbara Wilson

At school she studied shorthand typing along with other commercial subjects. Her first job was in the office at George Sellars when she was 16 in 1941. There were no windows, no distractions and she worked in silence. She stayed at the Agricultural Machinery firm for 4 years. Just as the war ended she went to work for a marine engineering firm in Macduff. She stayed there from 1945-1949. Next she went to work for the Police HQ in Banff. The first person she met at the door sent her away as she was too early and she had to go for a walk then come back later. Their relationship improved after that and they eventually married.  Her husband, Constable Steven was a rural policeman and when they got married they were able to live in a police house. In those days usually women had to stop work when they married. Policemans’ wives would answer their police house phone. The call could be a request for police assistance. They would need to know where their husband was to pass on the message remembering of course there were no mobile phones then.  Later in 1970 she worked for Ladiesbridge Hospital at Whitehills for people with learning difficulties.

Memory contributed by Barbara Wilson, Cullen

Additional information

Information about the recent re-development of Ladiesbridge Hospital for apartments.


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