Working as a nursery nurse in Tottenham by Iris Coleman


Flash Gordon source: wikicommons

Iris started work in 1953 at the age of 15. She worked as a nursery nurse and then when she turned 16 she went to work in an Insurance Office. Her next job was for Pearsons in Enfield where she was in the china department. She also worked as an usherette at one of the cinemas in Luton. She enjoyed seeing the Pathe news and the trailers along with the famous Pearl and Dean music which played as it does now in front of the adverts.She never sold the icecream. It was served by girls on their trays. Often there would be two films running continuously and you could go in at any time. A lot were war films and cowboy films. Saturday morning was 6d (sixpence) and was for children. There were serials such as Flash Gordon and films starring Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.

Memory contributed by Iris Coleman, Cullen


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